Lorie Topinka

Lorie Topinka


Many times over the years I have tried to capture the ethereal and ephemeral beauty of flowers in my art. Recently I have returned to this theme but with a focus on fields of flowers and the brilliance and massing of color that is so eye-catching. This new series Flowers Know No Borders includes fields of flowers from Mexico, the USA, and Canada. These pastels are all on sanded pastel paper. I begin with pastel and alcohol underpainting that, in places, shows through in a playful and textural way. I finish with a variety of mostly soft pastels.


Whatever I am painting, I get lost, for a time, in the looking and seeing. There is no time; no distance; no separation between me and the object or scene—this creative process is joyful and I try to represent, with color, this joy.


I began painting with watercolors some 20 plus years ago and added soft pastels a few years later. I am largely self-taught with many workshops along the way and painting buddies to inspire me.

100% of the money from the sale of these artworks will go to feed children and families through the help of Feed the Hungry, San Miguel

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